What is the NMDB?

In 2021, a national network of clinicians, scientists and patient advocacy groups joined forces to develop and deliver more effective treatments for genetic muscle disease.  Enabled by a Medical Research Future Fund (MRFF) grant for $2.5 million over five years, the ‘Australian functional Diagnostics platform for Advancing Personalised Treatment of Congenital Muscle Disorders’ (ADAPT-CMD) research team use various research models to find new and better treatments to fast-track discoveries into clinical trials. 

Our team will conduct research to close the knowledge gap on the molecular basis of muscle disorders and undertake precision medicine approaches through drug-testing using animal models and patient derived cells in the laboratory.

The National Muscle Disease Biobank (NMDB), housed at Murdoch Children’s Research Institute, was established as part of this project to store blood and tissue samples from patients across Australia with genetic muscle disease to use for research. 

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